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By Doing Little Steps Locally We Will Achieve Big Results Globally

earthnatures.com global environmental Web site with idea to promote environmental awareness locally to achieve big results globally.

The effects of global warming are having an impact on our life, and they are affecting everything from biodiversity to human health. Climate change has captured the attention of people worldwide and has inspired more debate than perhaps any other environmental issue in history.

Unless we take action to reduce climate change and effects of global warming now, far worse is yet to come. If we act now, most scientists believe that is not too late and we can avoid many of the worst effects of global warming.

We want to help you to learn more about environment, guide you through confusion of data overload, and help you to get to the facts. If people really know what’s going on and what steps to take, than avoiding the most serious effects of global warming could be affordable, cost-effective adventure within reach of the all nations. By doing little steps locally we will achieve big results globally.