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"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises" - Pedro Calderon de la Barc

Trees are controllers of global warming: Global warming has become hot topic of the day. Earth’s temperature is increasing day by day which is triggering many issues regarding health, nature conservation, ecosystem and many others. One of the major reasons of this issue is the cutting of trees. Trees act as absorbs for dangerous ultraviolet and greenhouse gases. They contribute a lot in reducing environmental temperature by acting as natural air conditioners and a source of rain. Consequently,they are one of the major controllers of global warming. So, “Save trees now, they will save you in future.”

As we see on the earth’s globe, there are two prominent colors blue and green. Blue is due to water and green is due to greenery. A major part of our earth’s natural beauty is due to plants and trees. Speed with which we are cutting trees and polluting the environment, there will be no green left. Just imagine!! If there will be no plants and trees on earth then how everything will be look like, just bore and blank.

It’s the moment to rethink on this issue. Only by saving trees we will be to pass all the benefits, which are available to us, to our next generation. So, never cut the trees and also discourage this act. They have no alternative. On the other hand grow more and more trees and plants.